Wait, we forgot Schitt’s Creek!

Frankly, no list of recommendations would be complete without Schitt’s Creek. This show captured our hearts and made us laugh uncontrollably. Then it opened the flood gates and we realized we had a lot more recommendations to share. Here are a few more suggestions from our amazing volunteers and board members to share with you.

Note: Some people gave extra context about their recommendation, so we're sharing it exactly how they sent it to us. People were feeling feelings about their suggestions, and it's best to hear them plead their cases in their own words.


  • Schitt’s Creek
    Because obviously. -Sarah & Nicole
  • Atypical
    Super cute show about a teen boy with autism trying to figure out girls, dating, and the transition to college. Also features queer content. -Erin
  • Euphoria
  • What We Do In The Shadows
  • Lovecraft Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It will live in infamy in my world. The allegories. The metaphors. The in-your-face depiction of anti-black racism. The strength. The power. The magic. The adventures. Black people leading the cast of a sci-fi adventure film. THE MUSIC. The resuscitation of a book written before its time. THE FIERCE WOMEN!! The confrontation of toxic/hegemonic masculinity and homophobia. That show is a show I could watch a million times. I cannot say enough good things about it. -Tamara
  • The Mandalorian
    Basically a space Western, plus Baby Yoda who makes me squee in delight every time he is on screen. -Liz
  • Golden Girls
    It's all on Hulu now. You're welcome. -Nicole
  • Sex Education
    It’s funny, diverse characters and experiences, sex-positive parenting, and even a realistic abortion scene! -Nicole (yes, she gave three recommendations because she couldn't stop!)
  • Star Trek Lower Decks



  • The History Chicks
    If you are a history nerd or like learning about badass ladies in history, you will love this podcast. It’s two women doing deep dives into women from history. They manage to make people who died even several hundred years ago sound very relatable. -Erin
  • Call Your Girlfriend
    It's my favorite podcast in general and it gives a good overview of the world while being accessible to most audiences and they also just gab about basic things. -Abbey
  • The Read
    Because sometimes I just want to be messy with Kid Fury and Crissle. -Tamara
  • You're Wrong About
    Two writers deconstruct some of the things we thought we knew from history and it’s fascinating. -Liz
  • Thinking Freely by ACLU of Maryland
  • Wind of Change
    A music reporter traces a very real rumor that the song Wind of Change by the Scorpions was actually part of a plot constructed by the CIA in order to impact the Cold War. -Sarah


  • AKA Jane Roe
    -Sarah & Nicole
  • Black Box
    A thriller but very unique. -Abbey
  • Birds of Prey
  • Jingle Jangle
    Okay...let me explain: Yes, it is the corniest movie I've watched all year. BUT, as a magical black girl, who always felt magical (even as a child), I would have absolutely loved this movie. It's nice to end this really, really, REALLY hard year seeing so much affirming representation. -Tamara
  • Coco
    As first watch or a rewatch, it is so joyful! -Liz
  • Unpregnant
    An HBO original movie about a high school student in Missouri trying to get an abortion. -Nicole
  • The Trial of the Chicago 7
    The story of a Vietnam War protest and it’s an Aaron Sorkin film so they talk fast and the dialogue is witty. -Sarah
  • Baby Driver
    I love a good heist film and loved the hero, Baby. -Kate

Well that’s it from BAF. We'll share more recommendations throughout the year, and share any you share with us.

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