About us

Who We Are

  • The Baltimore Abortion Fund (BAF) is a grassroots nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance and practical support to people who live in or travel to Maryland for abortion care.
  • We are part of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which consists of 70+ independently operated funds across the country.
  • We use an intersectional reproductive justice lens to dismantle white supremacy and remove systemic barriers people face when accessing abortion care. 

What We Do

  • BAF operates a confidential helpline (443-853-8445) where our case managers make financial commitments to help callers pay for their procedures, as well as provide information on how to access abortion care.
  • BAF provides financial commitments to cover a portion of the caller’s abortion care. Our case managers refer callers to area health clinics that provide reproductive health services.
  • BAF provides practical support like transportation, accommodations, and translation services, to remove barriers to abortion care.
  • BAF actively works to reduce abortion stigma within Maryland and participates in the broader conversations in shaping local and state-wide policy affecting our callers.  

Why Abortion Funds Are Important

  • Abortion funds ensure people have the resources they need to make decisions that are best for them and their family. 
  • Abortion funds are independent nonprofits. Abortion funds will partner with any National Abortion Federation provider; these are often independent abortion clinics. Independent abortion clinics provide care to 3 out of 5 people in the US who have an abortion.
  • Removing financial barriers is critical to protecting access to abortion care.

BAF's Values

Our values as an organization:

These following values reflect how we want to be as an organization and the way we work with one another. These values can/will have overlap to the work we do as a direct service to communities.

  • Collective Power
  • Balancing Autonomy and Collaboration
  • Intersectionality
  • Decision-making Transparency
  • Honoring Humanity
  • Joy

Our values as a direct service provider:

The following values reflect more about how we do the work of BAF (funding abortions, giving practical support, fundraising, community engagement, etc.) These values may also overlap with how BAF operates internally as an organization.

  • Client-Centered
  • Reproductive Autonomy and Justice
  • Healthcare as a Human Right

Learn more about our values.


(Video illustrated by Molly Crabapple, narrated by Padma Lakshmi, and produced by National Network of Abortion Funds)