Need help paying for your abortion?

If you need assistance with transportation, lodging, or translation, please reach out to our Practical Support program.

If you live in Maryland or are coming to the state for your procedure, please call our confidential helpline at (443) 853-8445

You will be asked to leave a message with the following information: 

  • Name
  • Telephone number where you can be reached
  • Whether we can leave you a message when we call back 
  • How far along you are in your pregnancy 
  • If you have already made an appointment for your procedure, please include the clinic name and date of the appointment as well

We will call you back within 24 hours of your appointment time, Monday-Friday. 

Medicaid/Maryland Medical Assistance may be able to pay for your abortion. Click here for more information about how to use your Medicaid coverage for abortion care.


In addition to BAF funding, you may be eligible for funding from the National Abortion Federation (NAF); you can confirm your eligibility by calling (800) 772-9100. 

If you are scheduled for an appointment at Planned Parenthood, you can ask the clinic to screen you for Justice Funds to help cover the cost of your care. 

There are 70+ abortion funds across the country that may be able to help pay for your abortion. To search online for other funds and support organizations, view the list on the National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) website.


How do I know if I'm eligible?

Anyone living in or traveling to Maryland for care is eligible for BAF's services; we do not have income, age, or gestational limits. 

Do I need an appointment before calling?

You do not need an appointment before calling; you will need to have one set up for BAF to make a financial commitment. If you are unsure of which clinic to call or how to set up an appointment, we can support you with a referral. If you know where you want to schedule, we recommend doing so before calling; be sure to ask the clinic for the procedure cost.  

What is the best time to call BAF?

BAF operates a warmline; there is no good or bad time to call. You can call at any time and leave a message. Our Resource Coordination Manager monitors the warmline Monday - Friday, 10 am - 6 pm. 

How far in advance should I call?

BAF utilizes a weekly budget; we prioritize funding for the week we are in and early the following week. We recommend calling within 5-7 days of your appointment.  

Can you accommodate same-day appointments?

We will do our best to support same-day appointments; we operate a warmline which means we may not hear your message before your appointment time.

I left a message; what happens now?

We will call you back within 24-48 hours (weekend and holidays permitting) and have a 5-15 minute phone conversation. We will ask you questions to better understand your funding needs, confirm our financial contribution, explain the next steps, and make referrals if needed.

I had to reschedule; what happens to BAF’s pledge?

BAF can honor our original pledge if your new appointment is still within our service area. 

How does BAF pay for my care? 

We send financial pledges directly to the clinic on behalf of the client; we do not offer direct payment to clients. 

English is my second language; do you offer translation services?

Yes. We offer translation services through a confidential third-party language service. 

How will you maintain confidentiality? I don’t want anyone to know I’m having an abortion.

All of your information is kept confidential; we will never share your information with anyone outside of our organization. 

I already had my appointment but I just found out about BAF; can you reimburse me?

Unfortunately, we cannot retroactively pay for care.

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