Baltimore Sun: Don’t mess with reproductive rights in Maryland (OpEd)

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(Photo Credit: Nicole McCann)

Originally published in The Baltimore Sun on April 16, 2020

By BAF Board Members Liz Bayer, Hannah Kang, and Nicole McCann

During a global pandemic, legislators in Texas tried — and failed — to use the coronavirus as an excuse to effectively ban abortion and deny its residents access to the care they need and many other states are attempted to follow their lead (“Abortion during a pandemic? Texas says no in many cases,” April 14). Thankfully, Maryland’s clinics are open and will continue to operate.

However, misinformation circulated widely after Gov. Larry Hogan’s initial shelter-in-place directive included confusing and seemingly contradictory remarks about whether clinics would be forced to close. Though the governor’s office later clarified that clinics are open, unclear communication can discourage folks from seeking the care they need. Rather than relying on nonprofit organizations to work overtime correcting misinformation, the Baltimore Abortion Fund urges The Baltimore Sun to fact check Governor Hogan’s statement and provide residents with clear information about services that are, in fact, still essential.

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