Thanks to you, we've raised over $100,000 for abortion access this year.

Join us in our 9th Annual Fund-a-Thon season! Between March 1 and April 30, we're teaming up with our supporters, neighbors, and local businesses and raising all the money we can to support abortion access in Maryland. The more money we raise, the more abortion seekers we can support!

Become a fundraiser on our Fund-a-Thon page.


Looking for more info on how to fundraise? View our Fund-a-Thon quick start guide.

Planning a fundraiser for BAF?
Tag us @BaltimoreFund on Twitter and Instagram and use #FThon23 and #BAFAccessAlways so we can uplift your posts!

To get in touch with our team, email [email protected]


Whether you raise $25, $250, or $2,500, participating in Fund-a-Thon helps your local abortion fund cover a meal for a client, a procedural abortion with financial assistance, or travel and lodging costs for a client from another state.

BAF's 2023 Fund-a-Thon page is open March 1 - April 30. You can:

  1. Create at team, join a team, or become a team captain. Friends don’t let friends fund abortions alone! Create a team with some of your friends, neighbors, comrades, siblings, classmates  whoever you want! Create a fundraising page through our Fund-a-Thon platform, ask your friends and family to donate – and that's it! (Bonus points for funny team names, fundraising events and perks for donors to your page, and palpable joy – and yes, there are prizes for our top fundraisers.)
  2. Become an individual fundraiser and set your goal. Did you know that $1,371 funds our helpline for one day? If you're new to fundraising, you can always set your goal low and raise it when you get close to reaching it!
  3. Don’t want to fundraise, but still want to support our work? No problem! Donate to any fundraising page in BAF's Fund-A-Thon campaign. Whether it's the cost of your morning coffee, a tank of gas, or a few new pairs of shoes, every donation makes abortion care more accessible in Maryland.

Never fundraised before? Don't worry!

Our quick start guide has suggested language, sample social media posts, video tips, and more! Keep an eye out for our emails, Instagram posts, and Tweets for more tips, tricks, and events. If you're interested in hosting or participating in an event to supercharge your fundraising, let us know!


Thanks to all of our friends, family, neighbors, and local businesses who've donated money, merchandise, space, talents, and more!

Cafe Campli Lokal Labs
Charmington's Mr. Lucky Tattoo PTAP Designs
Movement Gym Adam J. Kurtz
Bramble Baking Co The Craft Castle
Guilford Hall Brewery Dan Deacon
War on Women Band
Equilibrium Station North Tool Library

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fund-a-Thon?

Every spring, abortion funds across the country have a fundraising campaign, Fund-a-Thon, to raise money for abortion access. Abortion funds make abortion care more accessible by providing financial and logistical support to people having abortions.

When you raise money for your local abortion fund, you're not just supporting the movement for abortion access you're also helping fund a service and volunteer network in your own community.

2. Why support local abortion funds?

Abortion access is under attack across the country, and an ecosystem of local funds helps abortion seekers everywhere access the services they need. BAF is a nonprofit organization that provides financial and logistical support to Maryland residents and people traveling to Maryland for abortion care.

In 2023, we’re aiming to raise $75,000 and make abortions as accessible as possible in Maryland!

3. How does it work? I've never fundraised before and I'm not sure where to start.

Check out our quick start guide for tips, tricks, and resources, and we'll keep this guide with the latest information for fundraisers. Keep an eye on our social media pages for the latest news, events, and incentives!

You can also request to join our fundraiser group chat on Signal, an end-to-end-encrypted instant messaging app. Chat with your fellow pro-abortion fundraisers and hear about upcoming Fund-a-Thon events, incentives, and perks! Download Signal (English) or Download Signal (Español).

4. How can I stay in the loop?

Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for announcements about raffles, events, and more!

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