BIG NEWS: BAF Is Expanding...Again!

As we approach our second anniversary, I am amazed at how much BAF has grown in just two short years. When we first launched our helpline in October 2014, we were only taking calls from Baltimore residents, and with a very meager budget, we were only able to help 6 or 7 people each month. These days our volunteer case managers hear from nearly 100 callers every month, and thankfully, we’ve been able to help more and more people each month as well.

We’ve also grown geographically. Even though we started out serving only the Baltimore community, our hope was that one day we would be able to help folks all over Maryland access the safe abortion care that they need. In June 2015, less than a year after we launched, we were able to expand beyond Baltimore, into several of the surrounding counties.

Thanks to the overwhelming support and generosity of our supporters, BAF continues to grow, and  I am happy to announce that we are once again able to expand.

Effective immediately, BAF is able to offer assistance to residents of all Maryland counties, except for Prince George’s and Montgomery counties.*

The decision to exclude these two counties from our expansion was a tough one. While the need for funding is great across our state, we know that people in more rural areas like western Maryland and the Eastern Shore face additional barriers (few providers, lack of public transportation) that increase the out-of-pocket costs for abortion care. As we grow, we will continue to evaluate our ability to fund individuals in all Maryland counties. For now, we feel that focusing our latest expansion on these communities is in line with our goal of prioritizing those with the greatest need.

As always, thank you for your continued support of BAF, and for making choice a reality in Maryland.

Spencer Hall

BAF President 


*Montgomery and Prince George’s residents should contact the DC Abortion Fund for assistance at 202-452-7464.