Ann Marie's Top Five - June 2017

Happy June, everyone (& Happy Pride Month!). We are finally getting into the late-spring/early-summer months and there is so much that is making me happy. Let's do it.


1. Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale

Since you are reading this post on a website for an abortion fund, I may be stereotyping you in saying that you have likely read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, or have seen the new television series adapting the novel. If, somehow, this is not true, I would so very highly suggest reading the novel and watching the series. The story is focused on a woman named Offred, along with the stories of many women whose bodies, choices, and reproduction are being annexed by society. The tv series is brand new (it premiered on April 26, 2017) on Hulu. Unlike the movie adaption from 1990 (I mean, it’s just, it’s not good, you guys), this television series is just as horrifying, powerful, and necessary as the novel. Even Atwood is a fan, saying, “Based on what I've seen it's a 10.”

2. BAF & Red Emma’s hosting Dr. Willie Parker

YEAH YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Dr. Willie Parker will be joining BAF on June 14 at Red Emma’s Bookstore to discuss his new book and the work he does. If you read – or even skimmed – my post last month, you know I’m a huge Dr. Parker fan. Not to mention, I want to discuss his book with you! So, follow these steps:
(1) go to this event on June 14
(2) buy his book – support Red Emma’s and buy it there – and ask if he will sign it
(3) read it!
(4) come back here at the end of June and keep an eye out for a blog post with my thoughts on the book

3. Female Trouble podcast - Spencer Hall and Annie Hollis, Baltimore Abortion Fund episode, released 4/18/2017

BAF’s current President and VP – who are both amazing, strong, kickass women – talk about BAF, how it was founded, why it exists, how it continues to fund abortions in the state of Maryland, and why they care so deeply about reproductive rights. Listen to this episode and then immediately donate to BAF (I’d be shocked if you weren’t compelled to after hearing Spencer and Annie's passion in this interview).

4. Hannah Daisy’s Instagram page

Maybe you’ve seen the #boringselfcare hashtag circulating; Hannah is the talented person behind the original art. Go follow her IG page (@makedaisychains), because she has beautiful and powerful sketches about mental health. Self-care is so very important, especially in the world in which we currently live. Take a nap. Take a shower. Get a good crying session in. Take care of yourself.

5. Science Vs. podcast – Abortion: What You Need to Know episode, released 4/27/2017

This is an unbiased, empirically-based podcast episode about abortion. This 45-minute episode does a great job explaining how different abortion procedures work, teaching reproductive terminologies, and dispelling myths about abortion. This would be a great resource to send to friends and family who use pseudo-science to protest abortion.

A look toward next month: NNAF's Annual Summit!

I am so thrilled to be attending NNAF's Annual Summit this month and I will be happy to share my thoughts and feelings (so many feelings) with all of you beautiful readers in my next installment.

Enjoy your month & see you again in July!



Ann Marie is a volunteer case manager with BAF, since 2015. She lives in Baltimore and can talk endlessly about mental health, self-care, and dogs. You can find her on twitter at @annmariebrok.