Germantown Clinic Closing - Maya and Natalie Need Your Help

I apologize in advance if this post is a bit scattered. The BAF team didn't sleep much last night. 

Yesterday afternoon we received some terrible news. Germantown Reproductive Health Services, one of just three clinics in the nation that serves women in need of later abortion care, will be closing its doors for good on Monday. The reason? The building was purchased by an anti-choice group that has relentlessly targeted the clinic for the last several years. While Dr. Carhart plans to resume providing care at another location as soon as possible, the sudden closure of the clinic has left several patients in a very tough spot.

Earlier this week we made a pledge to Maya so that she could go to Germantown for her abortion care. Maya is a young, disabled woman who has faced a number of barriers trying to access abortion care. Her appointment is scheduled for Monday, the last day before the clinic closes its doors. She has come up with nearly half the money she needs, but she is still $1100 short

We've also been working with Natalie, a minor who is traveling to Germantown all the way from South Carolina for an appointment tomorrow. The cost of the procedure, plus the added cost of a bus ticket and hotel, means she still has to raise another $3400 by tomorrow morning in order to keep her appointment and get the care that she needs. 

We need your help to make sure these patients get the care they need before the clinic closes for good on Monday. Please give $10, $20, $50 - whatever you can - to help Maya and Natalie. 

Please know that in the wake of the clinic closure, we are doing all we can to help callers reschedule their appointments with other providers, and will do what we can to cover the increased costs that come with delaying care. 

Thank you for your support.

Spencer Hall
BAF President 

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  • R D
    commented 2017-08-27 22:39:35 -0400 may be another option if the timeline is delayed but still requires surgery asap. Sorry to hear those asshats on the street protesting purchased the place. Abusive ex, unwanted pregnacies are terrifying.