Experienced bowler? Don't care about an FAQ? We'll cut to the chase -- BAF's fundraising site is LIVE.

For the rest -- please, do read on.

What the heck is Bowl-a-Thon?

It's BAF's signature community fundraising season, lasting from NOW through April. Folks all over Baltimore and beyond are forming and joining teams, offering incentives for donations, and planning events to raise money for BAF! On April 29th, we'll gather to, yes, bowl, but also eat food, drink drinks, dance, give out prizes, and celebrate all of the amazing work our community does every year to keep abortion accessible in Maryland.

Why should I care?

BAF raised over $48,000 last year at our bowl-a-thon to assist individuals from all over Maryland access the abortions they needed but could not afford the full cost of. We're going for broke this year at a $60,000 goal that will help us assist even more folks seeking care in Maryland.

I'm not sure about fundraising/I've never fundraised before.

Don't worry. We will provide lots of fundraising tips throughout the season to make your fundraising fun and easy!

I'm a terrible bowler/bowling sucks/I don't live in Baltimore/I'm busy on April 29th.

We're not ace bowlers either. But most of our fundraising is online, so even if you can't make the event on the 29th, consider joining a team and raising money anyway! You can throw a show or dance party, have a brunch or dinner party at your place, throw a craft fair to raise money, twist some arms -- whatever floats your boat.

OK, I'm in -- but I need a team/I need fundraising resources/help/now what?

Great! Here's what to do:

Join a team. Create a team with some of your friends/enemies/colleagues/beer brewing club friends. Whatever.

You'll create an online fundraising page on our secure platform, ask your friends and family to donate -- and that's it! (Bonus points for funny team names, team costumes, and good puns -- and yes, there are prizes for our top fundraisers.)

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